Wednesday, March 31, 2010

one week and 4 days

I've really been slacking at posting. This may have something to do with not being 100% happy with how my training has been going :( But, I've been doing the mileage I need to do to be ready for race day, so I guess that's all I can ask for.

Last Saturday, I ran the Rock the Parkway 10k. I actually had 10 miles in my plan for that day, so I ran about 3/4 of a mile before the race, ran the 10k and then added on a little over 3 miles.

When we got to the race location (about 30 minutes before the race started), the weather was cloudy and a little chilly. I checked the radar on my phone in the car and supposedly there was a big green/yellow cell right over Kansas City, but it wasn't raining. I debated on whether or not to wear my rain jacket and a hat and decided I wouldn't. As if the Lord was listening, it immediately began sprinkling, so I changed my mind and ended up wearing the rain gear. Thank goodness I did because it rained the entire time! I'm talking water-running-off-the-bill-of-my-hat, raining. And, I haven't really run more than just a couple miles in the rain, but I secretly loved it! It kept me nice and cool, too. And, I do believe it's good to train in the rain because you never know what it will be like on race day. I know last year, it was raining the entire STL you never know!

My overall pace for the 10 miles was 9:36. Not as fast as I would like, but I definitely wasn't pacing myself very well. Before the race I told myself I wasn't going to do the 10 full out since I had to tack on those extra miles. Well, after spending the first mile going slow due to weaving in and out of people (I've never understood why slow people get in the front of the race start line!), my competitiveness kicked in and I picked up the pace. My total time was 59:34, which I wasn't thrilled with considering I ran three miles under an 8:45 pace, but I also know that first mile really slowed me down. So, it's ok. Also, we ran a little before the race and I didn't reset my Garmin so that I could track the entire 10 miles I had to run that day. Then, after I crossed the finish line of the race and stopped running for probably 5 minutes to recover and talk to a couple people I saw that I knew, I totally didn't stop my Garmin. So, that really threw off my overall pace for the 10 mile run.

But, I ran the 10 miles and felt pretty good after. I was a little nervous that I'd have some digestive issues during the race, but thankfully, they held off!

Yesterday, I had to run a quick three miles. It was beautiful weather here....77 degrees and sunny, which was wonderful after the harsh, long winter we've had here in the Midwest. But, it was also a tad bit hot for me. I know that once I got going, it probably felt around 90+ degrees. Thank God there was a little breeze! I swear, if it's that hot on race day in STL, I don't know what I'm going to do....other than constantly be dousing myself with water (note to self: do not wear a white shirt on race day). I'm sure a running drowned rat will be a nice sight!

Anyway, just wanted to give you all an update and hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend. We have a busy weekend planned: a long run on Saturday, engagement party Sat night, church Sunday and the Royals home opener on Monday! Can't wait!


  1. well considering all the weather and blech we've had lately, that's not bad for a 10 miler! yay. and yay for spring, and royals openers. jealous. just another reason i should live in KC, i heart the royals even if they suck.

  2. Beka - You and Kristen should totally move to KC. Can you imagine the madness and fun that would follow.
    Val - Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm veyr thankful for all the great bloggie friends as well :)
    Good luck in STL! I'm sure you will do awesome and I'm praying for perfect running weather for you over there.