Saturday, March 13, 2010

half marathon training - week #2

This morning I did my long run of 6 miles. The miles looked like this....

Mile 1: 9:17
Mile 2: 8:57
Mile 3: 9:18
Mile 4: 9:17
Mile 5: 9:18
Mile 6: 9:32 (uphill)
Total Time : 55:37 (avg pace = 9:16)

I was pleased with this run and felt pretty good afterwards. I've been doing pretty well sticking my training program this week.

Sunday, my rest day, I did 40 minutes on the elliptical since I knew that Monday I wouldn't have time to get my workout in. Turns out also, Monday I came down with some sinus issues, so I ended up not having the energy the workout anyway...nor did I on Tuesday. Tuesday night I went to bed at 7 PM, was asleep by 8 PM and slept until 6 AM! It was glorious! Wednesday I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and Thursday I did my short run. Friday was supposed to be another cross training workout, but I decided to get a pedicure after work instead. And, then my nephew came over for a couple of hours in the evening. So, my workout was basically shot!

Today, Coach and I have had some free entertainment around our house. Turns out there's a opossum (sp?) hanging out in our back yard so we've been watching him. They are such nasty animals and I really hope he leaves soon! I thought they were nocturnal?! Anyway, Coach has been outside with his BB Gun hoping to at least scare it away. He almost pulled out his 22, but then we'd have to find something to do with the dead carcass so we nixed that idea.

Tomorrow, my nephew Jackson is turning 4 years old so we will be attending his Batman Birthday Party. Should be a lot of fun.

On a sadder note, my running buddy Katy and her husband just bought a house in Kansas City so she will be moving away :( Sad for me, happy for them.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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