Wednesday, April 21, 2010

picking up momentum

Well, I'm trying to jam pack as many races in my schedule as humanly possible before it gets to hot and humid for this pregnant lady to run (and I promise that I won't milk the pregnant thing too much on this blog:). I'm HOPING I can make it through May and maybe some of June before it just gets too hot for me. And, considering I complained in STL when it was 55 degrees at the start of the race and probably almost 70 when it finished.....I'll be darn lucky to still be running in June..LOL.

Anyway, I just updated my race list (to the right) and added three new races. The first is a 10k here in my hometown around one of the city parks. What reeled me in was the fact that Olive Garden will have salad, breadsticks and spaghetti at the finish line...LOL. The second race is another half marathon on May 16th in Leavenworth, Kansas. I'm pretty sure Leavenworth is about 45 minutes away from my town, but I've never been there. So, I have no idea what the course is like. The website did have an elevation map and it looks like there are a couple big hills. But, hopefully nothing too horrible. The last race is a 15k. I've never run a 15 k, but I'm kind of excited for the fact that I know exactly what to expect. It's in my hometown and I've actually run the entire course before (though not all at once). The last 5+ miles of the 15k meets up with the half marathon course I did last Saturday. So, I know exactly where all the hills are...up and down.

I tried to upload a couple of photos from my race last weekend, but it wasn't working. I'll try to post those later.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

half marathon redemption

Yesterday, I ran my second half marathon of the week. I finished in I shaved off about three minutes since the STL half. I was pretty pleased b/c there were some KILLER hills...not as many hills, but they were steeper. I felt pretty good most of the race, but was pretty beat by the time I finished.

So, my news about why my training hasn't gone as well this time around????? I'M PREGNANT :) I'm 12 weeks now, so the cat's out of the bag! Needless to say, I get fatigued more easily and therefore can't run as fast as I used to. But, that's ok...I'm still getting exercise and it's kind of cool to be able to say I ran two half marathons while I was pregnant.

Last night we went to our friend's engagement party and spent the night in Kansas City and had a great time. We told all our friends about our news the afternoon before, so it was nice not to have to keep lying and act like I was drinking when I wasn't. A couple of them definitely suspected it since my lower belly is already pooching out a little...LOL!

Well, that's all the exciting news I have for now. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

another half

Last weekend was my STL half. It didn't go as well as I had hoped, but was somewhat expected. The hills, the heat...they both led to me running slower than my previous half in November in the upper 30s weather. I'd much rather run when it's 30 than when it's 70...weird, I know!

Anyway, I ran the half in 2:11:44. This is over 7 minutes slower than my last half = bummer :( This picture below pretty much sums up how was I feeling afterwards....defeated and tired.

A friend at work, Kerry, talked me into doing a half marathon here in my hometown with her on Saturday. So, this is two halves in back to back weekends. I'm hoping I'll be able to redeem myself a little this Saturday, but we'll see. The temps will be a little cooler than last weekend, but the course is still a little hilly. Not AS hilly, but still hilly. This will be Kerry's first half marathon....and I think, first race period. She runs about 4 miles a day and does the elliptical for 30 minutes a day...everyday. And, she's recently been throwing in longer runs on the weekends with me. So, she is in great shape. The most she's ever run at once is about 7.75 miles, though. I know she's a little nervous, but I know she can do it.

I'll post sometime soon (probably early next week) about why I think I ran slower in this past half and what was different in my training this go-around versus the half in November. I know you all can't wait for that!

Hope those of you running Boston have a great time and all get your PRs!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

three more days

I'm getting very excited for this weekend for not only my half marathon, but more importantly to hang out with my best college friends! Tomorrow night we're staying in KC and going to the George Strait/Reba McEntire/Leanne Womack concert and then heading to STL first thing Saturday morning. When we arrive, we'll head downtown to the expo to get our race packets and shop around a little (I'm sure). I'd also like to drive the race course to see what is in store for me. Then we're throwing our friend, Alison, a baby shower....she's expecting her first baby...a girl! Not sure what's in store for Saturday night, but I'm guessing whatever it is will be low key for those of us running in Sunday's race.

I just checked the weather and they're calling for a high of 78 and sunny. So, I'm seriously stressing out that I'm going to get too hot! Thank God the race starts at 7 AM, so I'm hoping it will be cool and cloudy for at least the first half. Not sure why I can't run when it's over about 65 if it's sunny, but I seriously get a headache and feel like I'm going to wet my pants every 10 minutes...weird, I know.

Tonight I'll be packing all of the race gear I could possibly ever need, just in case the weather forecast changes. I'm planning on running with my fuel belt so I don't have to get in the mess of people fighting for water/gu. I like to drink and fuel when I want to and not rely on the race volunteers anyway.

I've really been slacking in working out this week, meaning today is the first day I've done a darn thing! So, again, yet another thing to spaz out about. My last long run before the race was last Saturday and it was six miles. I was pleased with the pace (9:04) so hopefully I'll be able to do that for another 7.1 on Sunday!

Good luck on the races this weekend ladies!