Saturday, March 20, 2010

training week #3

Well, the first day of spring has arrived in the Midwest and it looks something like this.....

Needless to say it was pretty smart of me---alright, it was my running buddy, Katy's, idea---to move my 8 mile run from today to this past Thursday when it was 65 degrees and sunny. Now, normally I need to mentally prepare myself before my long runs (I some of you 8 miles isn't a long run, but it kind of is to me). And, this mental preparation usually starts the day before. So, when Katy emailed me mid-morning on Thursday with this proposition, I had a minor freak out but then decided that she was right. We should move our run. And, it went pretty well. I was hoping for a little faster pace, but I'll take it. Here's how the miles looked.

Mile 1: 10:05
Mile 2: 9:17
Mile 3: 9:40
Mile 4: 9:42
Mile 5: 9:27
Mile 6: 9:34
Mile 7: 10:08
Mile 8: 9:13
Total: 1:17:13 @ 9:39 pace

I'm a little bummed I had two miles with over ten minutes b/c that doesn't happen to me very often anymore. Both miles with over a ten minute pace were mostly uphill, but still....I really expected a little bit better. I'm not going to stress, though, because my body felt great at the end. So, I probably could have pushed myself a little more during some miles.

As for the rest of this past training week...

Monday: totally planned an elliptical workout, but it didn't happen :(
Tuesday: 3 miles @ 25:33 (8:15 pace)
Wednesday: 35 minutes on the elliptical
Thursday: 8 miles @ 1:17:33 (9:39 pace)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 40 minutes elliptical, abs, free weights

I was hoping to get out and run about 4-5 miles today, but that's not gonna happen. I'm hoping that I can tomorrow afternoon/evening. It's supposed to hit about 41 degrees tomorrow so hopefully at least the running trails will be clear.

As for fun stuff this weekend, Coach and I have been watching basketball pretty much non-stop. Also, an old high school friend is in town this weekend to visit her parents, so I'm going to head over there soon. I'm really excited to see her and her baby. I haven't seen in her in almost 8 years which is crazy to think time flies!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and is seeing better weather than we are here.


  1. I did the same thing and moved my long run ahead to thursday and so glad I did. at this point its looking like tomorrow might be a bust for me. So its pretty much been watching the madness! Nice job on the 8miles

  2. Oh, you get used to moving your long runs around living in KS! I know the first time I ever trained for anything I'd freak out if I didn't do all my runs EXACTLY as scheduled (can you say anal retentive?) but then my husband was like, "look, there's nothing wrong with changing the days that you run so that you run when the weather is better." Now it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. Looks like we might finally be getting some warmer weather, though! Nice work on all your splits, you're definitely much speedier than I am. :)