Tuesday, March 2, 2010

commence training program

Yesterday my training program began for the STL half. And, yesterday was the first workout I skipped :) It was a cross training day and my elliptical STILL has not been delivered! That's another story, but I've been promised it will be there Thursday or Friday. Therefore, I had no cross training I could do--I totally could have done yoga and some weights, but didn't do that either...FML.

Today my training called for a 2 mile run which is what I did. My pace was 8:48 which I was really happy with, but I know I had a weak GPS signal in a couple of spots, so I'm not sure if that somehow affected it. I felt like I was going slower my second mile and my Garmin said I was quite a bit faster. Oh well. I'll just trust my Garmin :)

The weather has gotten fairly nice here and is supposed to be in the low 50s and rainy all weekend, but I'll definitely take it!


  1. Good Luck with the training!! I'm delirious with excitement for the 50F running weather this weekend. Finally!!! Its about time Spring made a entrance.

  2. yayay for training schedules. and i should let you know, i'm not actually a good skier. in fact, even after 5 years of doing it, i still kinda suck! hahah. but i love it. and yeah, i sure did want to give up after the first year doing it. learning stuff when you are grown up kinda sucks ;)