Wednesday, April 21, 2010

picking up momentum

Well, I'm trying to jam pack as many races in my schedule as humanly possible before it gets to hot and humid for this pregnant lady to run (and I promise that I won't milk the pregnant thing too much on this blog:). I'm HOPING I can make it through May and maybe some of June before it just gets too hot for me. And, considering I complained in STL when it was 55 degrees at the start of the race and probably almost 70 when it finished.....I'll be darn lucky to still be running in June..LOL.

Anyway, I just updated my race list (to the right) and added three new races. The first is a 10k here in my hometown around one of the city parks. What reeled me in was the fact that Olive Garden will have salad, breadsticks and spaghetti at the finish line...LOL. The second race is another half marathon on May 16th in Leavenworth, Kansas. I'm pretty sure Leavenworth is about 45 minutes away from my town, but I've never been there. So, I have no idea what the course is like. The website did have an elevation map and it looks like there are a couple big hills. But, hopefully nothing too horrible. The last race is a 15k. I've never run a 15 k, but I'm kind of excited for the fact that I know exactly what to expect. It's in my hometown and I've actually run the entire course before (though not all at once). The last 5+ miles of the 15k meets up with the half marathon course I did last Saturday. So, I know exactly where all the hills are...up and down.

I tried to upload a couple of photos from my race last weekend, but it wasn't working. I'll try to post those later.


  1. I've heard that the Five Trails one is pretty good. Looks like a busy schedule:)

  2. I'm a little behind here! First of all SUPER CONGRATS on the pregnancy! Second, great half marathon! Way to go with planning to keep active throughout. My sister ran a half with me when she was pregnant and another when her baby was 7 weeks old! I kinda milked the pregnancy thing and sat on my ass a lot of the! Best of luck to you!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words on my post today--I really appreciate it.

    Ummm, congrats on running two half marathons while pregnant--you are a ROCKSTAR!!

    I would like to add that besides the marathon, the 15k is my favortie distance. It's almost long enough to be a double digit run, but it's not so short that you're all out the whole time--I like that distance--you'll have fun!