Sunday, April 18, 2010

half marathon redemption

Yesterday, I ran my second half marathon of the week. I finished in I shaved off about three minutes since the STL half. I was pretty pleased b/c there were some KILLER hills...not as many hills, but they were steeper. I felt pretty good most of the race, but was pretty beat by the time I finished.

So, my news about why my training hasn't gone as well this time around????? I'M PREGNANT :) I'm 12 weeks now, so the cat's out of the bag! Needless to say, I get fatigued more easily and therefore can't run as fast as I used to. But, that's ok...I'm still getting exercise and it's kind of cool to be able to say I ran two half marathons while I was pregnant.

Last night we went to our friend's engagement party and spent the night in Kansas City and had a great time. We told all our friends about our news the afternoon before, so it was nice not to have to keep lying and act like I was drinking when I wasn't. A couple of them definitely suspected it since my lower belly is already pooching out a little...LOL!

Well, that's all the exciting news I have for now. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Oh my God!!! Congrats Val!! I'm soo happy for you:) And wow....two HM while preggers in pretty rockin!! Way to go!!

  2. CONGRATS! that's so exciting, and so worth a bit slower times. TWO 1/2's while pregnant? that IS awesome.that's awesome, and nice job on the half this weekend, good for you!!

  3. Great job...I guess I should stop my whining about my first half...look at you, running 2 1/2's while PREGGO!