Sunday, November 1, 2009

worst! day! ever!

So, I just got home from a trip to Hilton Head with one of my old coworkers from Kansas City. Our old boss, gave us his timeshare that was otherwise going to go unused. It was a very nice gesture, so Lori and I jumped at the chance to go. I will tell more about the trip on a later post, but in the meantime will tell you about my day today.....the worst! day! ever!

This morning I woke up around 8 AM in order to leave our hotel room by 9 to make our way to Savannah, GA to see some sights and possibly take a tour prior to catching our 4:20 PM flight home. Mind you, I was already not in good spirits since the trip was going downhill fast (starting on Thursday night when Lori invited a random guy..random to me anyway, she used to date, whom I had never met, to crash our vacation. He arrived on Thursday night and didn't leave until Sat morning when we left for Savannah. Nothing like sharing your hotel room with some random guy you've never met, who monopolizes your trip and keeps you from doing what you want! Oh, and she texted me the day before we left asking me if it was ok if he came in town and had dinner with us one night....I had no idea at the time what was in store). All that said, I was determined to have a good day in Savannah. So, around 8:45, I go down to our rental car to put my suitcase in the trunk when I notice the remote unlock isn't working. Then, I tried to pop the trunk....not WORKING! Finally, I manually unlock the door and try to start the car....DEAD!!!!!!! Lori's friend, who was driving our rental for us all day on Friday, left the lights on all night. I was absolutely livid! I'm lucky I cried all the tears I had on Friday night, otherwise I might have thrown a full blown tantrum right then and there!

I'll cut to the chase and just tell you that we finally got on the road to Savannah around 11. Then, I was in such a hurry to still try to do at least a couple of things in Savannah before we had to catch our flight, that before I was even out of the Hilton Head city limits, I got pulled over doing 58 in a 40 mph. So, now I'm $81.50 poorer.

FINALLY, we arrive in Savannah and make our way to Bonaventure Cemetery. It is absolutely beautiful, with tons of those trees you see in the movies with the hanging down thing-ies blowing in the wind. This cemetery dates back to the 1700s, I think. Anyway, I had to convince Lori to walk through the cemetery rather than drive. After about 20 minutes, she was continuously sighing about being hot or having blisters on her feet, that I just gave in and said, "let's go!". So, I wanted to drive through Savannah to see some of the old mansions and the downtown area. Since we were running so far behind my original schedule, I was unable to do any of the Trolley Tours like I wanted to. So, I asked Lori to follow our map and guide us through downtown while I drove. Another sigh and absolutely no direction from her, I finally had had enough and snapped! I know it's hard to believe, but I just couldn't keep it bottled in any longer. I proceeded to tell her how the trip and taken a completely different direction than I thought it would and that I didn't appreciate her inviting some guy that I don't even know to spend our trip with us and keep me from doing the things I wanted to do. I told her that it was obvious she didn't even want to be in Savannah so we would just go sit in the airport until our flight left.

She was rather quiet after that and did apologize, but it didn't mean much to me. I mean, you seriously should have heard me talking to mom on Friday night.....hysterical and wanting to go home. I felt like a kid at summer camp or something who was homesick. The icing on the cake was that our flight was delayed an hour, but I guess it could have been worse.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I'll tell more about the trip in another post since I'm sure you're dying to hear more about this wonderful vacation getaway! It's sad when you'd seriously rather be at work, than on this vacation. Oh, and also, there will be very limited photos of Hilton Head, since I didn't get to do any sightseeing or anything. All I saw was the f***ing outlet mall!


  1. That is so funny...and annoying. How awkward! Hopefully the Hilton Head Outlet didn't suck. Did you get anything good?

  2. Yes, I did get a lot of good stuff. They even had a Saks Fifth Ave outlet! But still....

  3. takes a lot to make Lori speechless - sounds like you really laid down the law!!!