Wednesday, November 25, 2009

christmas wish list

So, in case any of you need any Christmas gift ideas (this is mainly for Coach:), here you go!

#1 on my list is a new camera!
I've had my current camera for probably 7 years and I think it only has 5 or so mega pixels. So, it pretty much sucks. Yes, that's the camera that took those wonderful half marathon pictures. And, since Coach was the one taking the pictures, he finally realizes how bad it sucks. This Sony Cybershot camera has 12.1 mega pixels and 5x zoom. I would love it in Black or Silver...heck, at this point I'd even take the Navy Blue one. I'm really not going to be picky. Also, my parents just got this camera and took it with them on their trip to San Antonio. I saw the pictures today, and they look great! So vibrant and clear.

#2 is arm warmers
I saw so many people wearing these at my race last weekend, which made me want them even more. They are so cute, but practical too. In fact, last Sunday's race would have been the perfect time to wear them. I was just a little warm with my long sleeves on so if I had been wearing short sleeves with my arm warmers it would have been perfect.....with just a little air being able to cool me down. I really like these black/grey ones below.

Finally, #3 on my list is an elliptical
I know, I don't ask for much, do I?! HA! And, this isn't really a wish to receive as a Christmas gift, but maybe money to put towards one to get next year. I mean, can't you just see me rocking out on this! We'll see if Santa thinks I've been really good this year.

So, that's about all. I hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey Day and enjoys spending time with their family and reflecting on what they're thankful for. Coach and I, however, will be reflecting with a fruity, slushy drink in our hands while laying on the beach....yes, we're leaving for Mexico bright and early tomorrow morning. Hasta La Vista, baby!


  1. Ooooh! I have armwarmers but I like those ones way more!! I need to add them to my Christmas list!!!

  2. I want some pink arm warmers!!! AND - some pink compression socks!!!!!!!!!!

    Do the right thing, Coach - Val's been a good girl this year! ;)

  3. Arm warmers are the best! They helped me through Chicago Marathon, I got mine from Zensah. Make sure you ask for compression socks (Recovery Socks) too! They are the BEST!!!

  4. Val-- i don't know much about your wish list but now i am a follower!! hope that counts for something for the coach!!

  5. Morgan, I've heard that recovery socks are a must! I'll have to look into those too.

    Yay Kelly! You finally made it!