Friday, November 13, 2009

crazy week

So sorry for neglecting my blog all week, but I'm so happy the weekend is here. Work has been so crazy and I really need to unwind. On the work front, we had a reorganization and now I have new team members, a new boss and am working with about 40 agents up in WI now (previously I worked with agents around St. Cloud, MN and I loved them). These WI American Family agents have a lot to live up to! But, I feel like my work load has at least doubled...not kidding!

On the personal-life front, I went to the doctor this week as I'd been feeling tired and fatigued. Well, after some blood work, I found out that my B12 was really low. So, now I have to go in for a weekly B12 shot for 4 weeks and then get monthly shots indefinitely. My doctor said that if I got in a couple shots before my half marathon next weekend, I'd shave 10 minutes off my time. So, we shall see! I really hope he's right, although I'm not really sure what I think my time will be. So, in turn, I don't know what ten minutes less than that time will be. I haven't run a half in over! three! years! and I don't know how accurate that time was compared to my pace now. I guess I'll find out in about a week.

Because I haven't run a half in over! three! years!, I'm feeling a little anxious about the race. I know I'll it will be fine because I felt really good about my 10 miler last Saturday, but the pre-race jitters are starting to hit. My new goal is to run at least one race a month, but it seems like around the holidays down here all of the races are only 5K. And, I really just don't want to run a 5K. I'd like to run only in races with a minimum distance of 10K if I can help it. I'd also like my next half marathon to be somewhere fun so that I can make a mini vacation out of it. Some friends of mine had talked about running the Mardi Gras half in February in New Orleans which would be so much fun, but I'm not sure if it actually panned out and they are really going. Any takers on running a destination half or full?!

Tomorrow I'm heading to Manhattan, KS to go to the K-State/Mizzou football game---Go Tigers!!!!! Coach is down in southern MO hunting all weekend. Hopefully he doesn't bring any of that nasty deer meat home :) Next week doesn't seem to get any less busy, but I'm so excited that Coach and I are heading to Mexico on Thanksgiving. We are in desperate need of a vacation.

Finally, speaking of vacations....I've yet to blog about the rest of my Hilton Head trip last month. And, quite honestly, I'd like to forget that trip so I'm not going to blog about it. So, instead, I'll leave you with a picture of the beach.


  1. I hate 5K's. Good luck on your half. Hope the B12 shots work!!

  2. Oooooh, I really wanted to do New Orleans - it's my bday weekend!!!