Tuesday, February 9, 2010

under the weather

Today, I am staying home from work---sick. I'm having some stomach issues, the details of which I will not disclose. We got snow on Friday - Monday and now are having frigid temps. Needless to say, I haven't gotten outside to run since last Thursday and I'm feeling it. Whenever this happens I start stressing that I'm going to have to completely "start over" and work my way up to easily running 6 miles. To some, this may not sound like much, but I felt pretty accomplished getting to this point.

Also, the STL half marathon filled up last week, so my two friends who were also running this race didn't get in. One of them just signed up for the full marathon and is going to run the half. The other one can't decide whether or not to do that (you're "strongly" discouraged to do this by the race committee and this friend doesn't like to break rules:) I tried to convince her to sign up for the full and run the half, but she informed me that she was told her chip timing wouldn't be accurate if she did this, nor would she get a medal. And, this being her first half is really a bummer.

Hopefully next week, I'll have some running updates for you. Other than that not much is going on. Coach is taking me out to dinner on Sunday night for Valentine's Day in Kansas City and neither one of us has to work on Monday, so that means I'll get to enjoy a glass of wine...or two :)


  1. Hey Valerie,
    Hope you get to feeling better. I've been dealing with a bad head cold and between that and the snow/ice and cold I've not run outside in more than a week. And I'm the same way, I always feel like I have to start over when I take a break and then start to have issues...arrghhhh!!! Feel better soon.

  2. I totally forgot we have Monday off work - wish we could get a sitter so we could go to dinner....

    My entire household has had some crazy stomach issues. Hope you feel better soon! We have a cold & windy race in store for us this weekend!!

  3. Also, I can't believe STL is sold out already! I know I didn't register until late March last year! But I guess it is a week earlier this year. Still....craziness!

    I wonder if Jen ever registered for it?? Cuz I don't think she'll be running it now...so maybe she could sell her entry to one of your friends??

  4. You know, she would still get a medal cuz they just hand them out as soon as you cross the finish line.