Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ellipticals, running and VD

Coach and I went elliptical shopping Saturday and after a slow start finally ended up making a purchase. I love it when you're looking at exercise equipment and the employee helping you is an overweight 50+ year old man trying to show you how to use the machine. He started in on how ellipticals keep the impact off your knees unlike running on a treadmill, blah, blah, blah. Apparently I looked like I had never worked out a day in my life! I was utterly annoyed, but got over it. I ended up ordering my elliptical online and it won't be delivered for three weeks max, but with free shipping (which would have been over $200 for an overweight item) it's worth the wait. I'm sure it will be in about a billion pieces when we get it too. Good thing Coach is handy!

I started a new goal a few weeks ago to run at least three days per week up until my half marathon training starts on March 1st. I ran three days the first week, but only two the second week which was last week. So, to make up for it, I've already run three days this week with another run planned on Thursday (hopefully 6 miles or some speed training. I haven't decided yet) and 7 miles planned on Saturday afternoon. So, I feel that more than makes up for it. I've been logging 6 miles fairly regularly now, which used to seem daunting when running alone. Now it seems that the time flies by and after the first couple of miles I get into my groove. That being said, I have this notion running through my head that if I'm easily running 6 miles when not even doing a training program right now...and since that's about half of a half marathon, maybe I need to train for another full marathon???? Maybe Chicago???? I'm really scared to do the training alone as I cannot imagine running up to 22 miles alone during training. Also, I'm nervous about doing over half of my training during the summer here in the Midwest. The humidity kills me when running and I'm just not a warm weather runner. So, I still have a lot to contemplate on whether or not to do it.

Also, I've started a spreadsheet logging my miles, total time, average pace and my time during each split so that I can see if my time is improving. I'm hoping that it does and welcome any suggestions of how to speed up :) For the most part I average anywhere between a 9:00-9:20 average pace/mile and each mile is pretty all over the board. I'd love to be able to pace myself better, but I think that will just come with practice.

The Running Worm and I just signed up for the Love 2 Run 4 Love four mile race on VD (Valentine's Day). It's at the downtown KC airport and completely flat. Should be a good run and I'm looking forward to it. I didn't realize it, but when I signed up it's actually a couples run and you can run it with your spouse or a friend. Had I known that, the Worm and I could have signed up as a lesbian couple and saved about $5 on registration. We talked about crossing the finish line holding hands, which would be hilarious. The Running Worm is running at least one race per month this year, so although I didn't run anything in January, I'm signed up to run a race in Feb, March and April already and am looking into another half marathon (of hills..eek) in June. Guess I need to find something to run in May too!

On an unrelated note, please share your favorite running/workout songs on your iPod. I need to add some new stuff to my running playlist.


  1. What?? You have VD?? In that case, I will NOT be your lesbian life partner during that race! ;)

    By the way, not sure if I mentioned this or not about the downtown airport - yes, it's a flat course...but it's also VERY windy out there! One side will be calm or have a nice tail wind and the other side will be like running into a wall of wind. Fun!

    You've really got me thinking about that marathon in MN in June now....

  2. Ha ha, you should TOTALLY cross the finish line holding hands! And maybe wear some plaid while you're at it. DO IT.

    My new fav running song is Uprising by Muse. I've also got LMFAO "I'm in Miami bi@ch" stuck in my head, thanks to the Running Worm. And "Hate on Me" off the Glee soundtrack.

  3. I'm in Miami, b!tch!!!! :) Yeah, you know the theme song for Chicago is gonna be "I'm in Chicago, b!tch!" :)

    Val, only a few more days until our lesbian race - woot!!! :)