Monday, December 7, 2009

chiefs football game

Coach and I scored some free tickets (very good tickets, might I add) to Sunday's Chiefs vs. Broncos game. We got a late start heading to the stadium and discussed selling our tickets since it was kind of cold outside. Yes, this is greedy, but we seriously had our money spent by the time we pulled into the stadium, on many glorious Christmas presents for one another. Too bad we didn't pull into the stadium until 11:50. Yes, I know. We didn't have any time to sell our tickets, so we ended up going to the game.

But, to entertain ourselves during the 25 minutes of stop and go traffic outside the stadium, Coach and I did some role playing of what I'd say to someone who was interested in buying our tickets.

Me: Two tickets....anyone need some tickets?

Coach: Sure, I'll give you twenty bucks each for them.

Me: Twenty bucks? You mean to tell me that you're trying to STICK ME (Coach informed me I meant to say "STIFF ME") by offering me twenty bucks per ticket to the Chiefs/Broncos game, one of the Chiefs biggest rivals, the game at which they're retiring Derrick Thomas's jersey, for two tickets with a face value of $90 each?!?!?! I'd rather rip both of these tickets to shreds and throw them out the car window rather than sell them to you for that price!

We role played many other scenarios and had a ton of laughs....I was crying by the end of it! The Chiefs lost, of course, and we ended up leaving in the 3rd quarter, but still had a good time. Coach informed me that Chiefs fans are known to be some of the white trash-iest of any NFL fans. This, I didn't realize. But, after he told me that, I started to look around at some of the other ticket holders and by golly, he appeared to be right.

Our favorite quote of the day by a Chiefs spectator. Said by a man holding a beer, "I haven't been this drunk since last week!"

So, we were among Missouri's finest Whiskey Tango! Hopefully we didn't blend in!


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  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should probably keep the rest of your "role playing" on the DL. ;)