Saturday, October 24, 2009

like a virgin

Well, this is my first post (hence the title). Unlike most people, who start blogging in an attempt to capture memories of their families/travels/accomplishments, the reason I'm blogging is different. I set up my blogging account many many months ago so that I could follow the blog of a friend of mine, Journey to a Better Me.

Once I started following her blog, I found all of these blogs created by women (not that I'm opposed to following the blogs of men...just haven't found any that I like yet:) whom I found inspiring. Whether it was inspiring me to be more creative or to lace up my running shoes that had been collecting dust in my closet for far too long. These wonderful women had giveaways, asked questions, wanted advice, etc. And, I so badly wanted to comment on their posts. So, bloggers, THIS is why I wanted to finally create my blog. It was so that I could make comments and enter to win said giveaways. But, most importantly, it was so when that blog owner clicked on the link to my blog by my comment, it wouldn't pull up a (nearly) blank profile without any blog entries. Because, you know if you did this, you would think, "Who is this crazy lady?! Is she a blog stalker?" The answer to that is "No." But, those bloggers have now inspired me enough to come out of the closet, so to speak. And, not I don't mean what you're thinking. Get your minds out of the gutter...I am married after all!

So, thank you ladies for giving me the courage to "come out"!


  1. Sounds like a darn good reason to Blog to me. You are friends with Ashley?? She is such a spunky little lady!!

  2. Hi Mel! Yes, she is awfully spunky! We used to work together and are running a race together on Nov 2nd. Due to her recent injuries I think she may have to do the 5k though.

  3. YAY - Val is out of the closet!!!! ;)